For greater clarity into the types of PD trials underway, the set of active trials (currently ~500 interventional) can be segmented into portfolios based on various trial characteristics (e.g., disease-modifying, symptomatic, biomarker).  The resulting portfolios can then be accessed via direct links to ClinicalTrials.gov, which has filter, search and download features that can be used to further drill-down into the trial data.  A portfolio would technically be constructed as a set of trial ID's (NCT#'s), in the same way that a stock portfolio can be represented as set of stock id#'s.

Trial subportfolios can also be created for further granularity (gene therapy, stem cell therapy, repurposed compounds, etc.)  A given trial could appear in more than one portfolio/subportfolio.


Select Country, State (U.S. only), City, and Distance.

Sample filters available on ClinicalTrials.gov: 

Studies with no phase specified may include evaluations of interventions such as exercise, physical therapy, speech therapy, dietary supplements and more.

* 30 trials are combined Phase 1/Phase 2 OR combined Phase 2/3.

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Analyzing the Parkinson's disease clinical trial pipeline to facilitate patient collaboration in research.