# Recruiting PD Studies 

as of October 10, 2019

(source: ClinicalTrials.gov)

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Phase 14626
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Phase 32312
Phase 4177
No Phase19076

An INTERVENTIONAL STUDY (or Clinical Trial) is a clinical study in which participants are assigned an intervention such as a medication, device, or procedure, so that researchers can evaluate its effects on biomedical or health-related outcomes.  Participants may receive diagnostic, therapeutic, or other types of interventions.  Randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials are the gold standard for assessing the safety and effectiveness of a therapy.     Clinical trial phase definitions


Studies with no phase specified may include evaluations of interventions such as exercise, physical therapy, speech therapy, dietary supplements and more.

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Phase 3 evaluates therapy safety and efficacy with 100's or thousands of participants.

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The Charter for Clinical Trials in Parkinson's, published by The Cure Parkinson's Trust & Parkinson's Movement, provides helpful guidelines for potential trial participants.



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An OBSERVATIONAL STUDY collects and analyzes data from participants in order to better understand a disease and to further the development of biomarkers and improved treatments.  For example, participants may be asked to complete questionnaires, provide blood or CSF samples, undergo scans, or use a wearable device. Data may be collected at a point in time or longitudinally.

# PD Studies Recruiting Volunteers w/o  PD

(ClinicalTrials.gov, October 10,2019)

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3No PhaseObservational

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* 21 trials worldwide (10 U.S.) are combined Phase 1/2 or Phase 2/3 

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Phase 1 evaluates therapy safety with small # participants ( <100).


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Phase 2 evaluates therapy safety and efficacy with up to several hundred participants.

Analyzing the Parkinson's disease clinical trial pipeline to facilitate patient collaboration in research.

Phase 4 involves further study of therapies already FDA-approved.

Information about currently recruiting interventional and observational Parkinson's disease studies taking place around the world is available on ClinicalTrials.gov, the world's most comprehensive clinical trial registry.  Below you will find tips for using ClinicalTrials.gov to help find recruiting trials you may qualify to participate in. (See ClinicalTrials.gov overview.)  Information for each trial includes its description, design, eligibility criteria, sponsor, locations, contact info and more.  Further information about any trial can be obtained by contacting the trial coordinator via the contact info provided.