Phase 3 evaluates therapy safety and efficacy with 100's or thousands of participants.

Web-based studies can be a convenient way to participate in research since they can usually be done from the comfort of home.  They may involve questionnaires, surveys, and the use of smartphones or other mobile devices.  

Phase 2 evaluates therapy safety and efficacy with up to several hundred participants.

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To view recruiting Parkinson's disease trials that may be a match for you, visit FoxTrialFinder, a clinical trial matching tool developed by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Learn more at www.FoxTrialFinder.org.

Phase 1 evaluates therapy safety with small # participants ( <100).

This page provides access to information about currently recruiting interventional and observational Parkinson's disease studies taking place around the world.  It is intended to help patients and controls find trials of interest to them that they may qualify to participate in.  Unless otherwise noted, recruiting trial information is provided through ClinicalTrials.gov. (See ClinicalTrials.gov overview.) Further information about any trial you may be interested in can be obtained by contacting the trial coordinator listed in the trial description.

Analyzing the Parkinson's disease clinical trial pipeline to facilitate patient collaboration in research.

Phase 4 involves further study of therapies already FDA-approved.

INTERVENTIONAL STUDIES evaluate medications, devices or procedures to determine the effect on biomedical or health-related outcomes. Randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials are the gold standard for assessing the safety and effectiveness of a therapy.

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